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The Tomato Pill - Ateronon XY Pro

Ateronon XY Pro is ideal for men looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ateronon XY Pro is a one-a-day natural supplement containing LactoLycopene, a highly bioavailable Lycopene formulation.

So if your sleep is being disturbed sleep because you or your partner has to go to the loo? Frequent visits to the loo, may be a sign that he may need a visit to the doctor.

The Tomato Pill Company has developed a unique Lycopene and Saw Palmetto formula in Ateronon XY Pro.

Saw Palmetto has been traditionally used to help relieve symptoms associated with medically diagnosed benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH.

Ateronon is not available at pharmacies – its only health food shops.

'Urologic symptoms may be associated with other more serious medical conditions. If you've not been diagnosed or if you experience an increase in symptoms see a health professional'. Always read the label, use only as directed and Google “ATERONON".

Containing the highly absorbable LactoLycopene, Ateronon XY Pro has been shown to deliver optimum Lycopene levels in the blood in just two months. A capsule provides the equivalent Lycopene found in 500gms tomatoes. LactoLycopene has been subject to extensive levels of media coverage in the national press.

What makes Ateronon XY Pro unique?

Our easy-to-absorb formula

Because of its molecular structure, Lycopene is extremely hard to absorb. But as Ateronon XY Pro is formulated with a unique, natural, LactoLycopene formula, which combines Lycopene with whey protein, this allows your body to absorb every bit of goodness. This is what is meant by "bioavailable".

Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards

Ateronon XY Pro is manufactured to pharmaceutical grade. Post production, we carry out continual testing every 12 months to ensure the products efficacy. Laboratory testing has shown that there is no deterioration of Lycopene levels in the product for a minimum of four years after manufacture.

Dedicated to clinical research and testing

The extent and breadth of CamNutra’s clinical trial work into Lycopene and its benefits is unique and unparalleled.

How often should I take Ateronon XY Pro?

Two capsules once a day

It is easy to incorporate Ateronon XY Pro into your lifestyle. Simply take two capsules a day and your body absorbs the Lycopene goodness. If taken daily you will reach the optimum Lycopene levels in the blood in as little as two months. To maintain this level, which is essential to continue Lycopene’s health benefits, take it daily as part of your regular health care regime.

What else do I need to know?

Does Ateronon XY Pro have any side effects?

If you have tomato, soybean or whey protein intolerance, do seek medical advice first.

Always read the label. Use only as directed.

Directions: Take two capsules once per day.
See bottom of carton for best before end date. Store below 30ºC
Each Capsule contains: Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto) extract , equivalent to dry fruit 6.4 g, standardised to fatty acids 72mg Lycopene 3.5mg
WARNING – If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. Contains: Milk and Soya bean products.

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As scientists, we believe in working together with medical professionals for your health. If your GP would like more information about Ateronon and its benefits, our expert medical board are always available to help, alternatively please email us on sam@ateronon.com.au

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