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How can I adopt a more active lifestyle?

We are committed to keeping hearts healthy and an active lifestyle is a key part of that. Being active means different things to different people, from walking to the shop to cycling 10 km. Whatever your ability, making small, healthy changes can have enormous benefits for heart health.

Take Ateronon as part of a pledge to be more active every day. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift, get some fresh air and do some exercise at home (even gardening counts!).


How can I impove my diet to make it healthier?

Our research started by investigating the Mediterranean diet. We discovered that it is the slow cooking of tomatoes in olive oil that allows the lycopene to be more easily absorbed.

Ateronon has harnessed the power of the equivalent of 500gms of lycopene-packed tomatoes in every capsule. However, a few healthy changes can make your diet even more heart friendly.

Start by watching your fat and sugar intake and don’t add too much extra salt to your meals. Try nominating certain days of the week to be meat or alcohol free; this can help you adapt your diet without being too virtuous all of the time.

Ateronon is a natural way to supplement your diet and is approved by the Vegetarian Society. It is also vegan, halal and kosher.

Ateronon and medication

Will Ateronon affect my existing medication?

Ateronon is a product that can be taken with statins. Check with your Doctor if you are taking other medications.

Ateronon has been developed to give you every chance to be as healthy as possible, and that means not affecting your existing medication. If you have any concerns you should talk to your Doctor.

Ateronon and you

How can I start my Ateronon lifestyle today?

We are committed to your heart heath and believe that whoever you are, you can start benefiting from Ateronon.

Taking Ateronon daily is a great first step in a new health regime. By combining this with a fresh approach to exercise and diet you can enjoy a positive, healthy lifestyle immediately. We would love to hear how much better you feel after living the Ateronon lifestyle for 3 months.

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Further Questions?
As scientists, we believe in working together with medical professionals for your health. If your GP would like more information about Ateronon and its benefits, our expert medical board are always available to help, alternatively please email us on sam@ateronon.com.au

Cardiovascular health is very important, so it is natural to have questions. If we haven’t answered all of yours, please check our FAQ section or get in touch - Sam Hunter 0403388771 Contact Us