Ateronon is a unique, natural supplement.
There are three products which are available in good health food shops across Australia.


Available from Go Vita stores
Available from Discount Vitamin Express
Available from Mr Vitamins
Available from Natures Works
Available from Evelyn Faye Nutrition
Available from Super Discount Supplements
Available from Discount Vitamins

Ateronon Heart

Ateronon Heart contains LactoLycopene and selenium this product helps support a Healthy Cardiovascular System.

Ateronon XY PRO

Ateronon XY Pro has Saw Palmetto which traditionally has been used to help relieve symptoms associated with medically diagnosed Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH.

Ateronon Male Fertility

Ateronon Male Fertility is ideal for men looking to maintain a healthy production of Sperm and aid the Sperm’s Motility.

Further Questions?

As scientists, we believe in working together with medical professionals for your health. If your GP would like more information about Ateronon and its benefits, our expert medical board are always available to help, alternatively please email us on

Cardiovascular health is very important, so it is natural to have questions. If we haven’t answered all of yours, please check our FAQ section or get in touch - Sam Hunter 0403388771