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What is this product?

Ateronon is a natural one-a-day health supplement containing a lycopene-whey complex (LactoLycopene) providing 7mg of easily absorbed (bioavailable) lycopene in each capsule. Ateronon also includes thiamine.

One capsule contains the equivalent lycopene content of 500gms (1.1lb) of tomatoes.

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What is LactoLycopene?

LactoLycopene is the name given to Ateronon’s unique patented lycopene formulation, a combination lycopene and whey protein.

In a study at Cambridge University, LactoLycopene was shown to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream and readily taken up by the body, so that its health benefits could be reliably delivered.

Link: A Food-Based Formulation Provides Lycopene with the Same Bioavailability to Humans as That from Tomato Paste

What is bioavailability and why is it important?

Bioavailability refers to how easily an ingredient is absorbed into the body.

Lycopene’s large crystalline structure is one of the reasons that it is not easily absorbed by the body. Ateronon’s formulation reduces the crystal size, so enabling easier absorption.

A recent study at Cambridge University showed that in volunteers taking Ateronon, lycopene levels in the blood rose between 60% and 100% within 2 months. No other lycopene product has been shown to be as effective.

How often should I take Ateronon?

One capsule of Ateronon Heart and Male Fertility, two capsules of Ateronon XY Pro should be taken daily to build up and maintain the level of lycopene in the blood.

What happens if I stop taking Ateronon?

If you stop taking Ateronon, the lycopene levels in your body will drop and will, in the absence of any other dietary changes, revert to the levels that existed before you began taking Ateronon. To maintain levels of lycopene in the body, Ateronon should be taken daily.

When is it best to take Ateronon?

Ateronon is best taken with food, although its unique LactoLycopene formulation ensures that the lycopene is absorbed well, even when taken without food. We would recommend it is taken after a meal daily at approximately the same time of day.

How soon will I benefit after taking Ateronon?

It depends on a number of factors, including what your lycopene level was before you began taking Ateronon. For almost all of us, lycopene levels will be noticeably improved after 4 weeks.

Can I get lycopene from my diet?

Although cooking tomatoes with oil helps to makes lycopene more easily absorbed, not many of us can manage to eat on a daily basis the quantity of tomatoes required (2.2 lbs!) that is needed to provide health benefits.

Taking Ateronon provides a natural, safe and convenient way for you to obtain optimal health benefits of lycopene.

My GP has not heard of Ateronon

As Ateronon is a relatively new supplement not all medical professionals will be aware of its benefits. If your GP requires more information to advise you about Ateronon please ask them to contact us and we will be more than happy to put them in touch with our expert medical board.

Is Ateronon compatible with statins?

Ateronon has been involved in many studies alongside statins and other medications.

Can Ateronon be harmful?

Ateronon, is a natural product. However if you believe you have an tomato, soybean or whey protein intolerance please seek medical advice before taking Ateronon.

How is Ateronon produced?

Ateronon is manufactured to exacting pharmceutical and quality control standards. Because the potency of lycopene will deteriorate rapidly when in contact with air (oxidation), and the capsules are packed in a triple layer foil blister to ensure that the lycopene content is kept safe and stable. Routine stability tests have shown no significant variation in lycopene content or other parameters over a 4 year analysis period.

What scientific papers support the health benefits of lycopene?

There are hundreds of scientific papers on lycopene. Here are a few recent ones:

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Further Questions?
As scientists, we believe in working together with medical professionals for your health. If your GP would like more information about Ateronon and its benefits, our expert medical board are always available to help, alternatively please email us on sam@ateronon.com.au

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