Nutritionist Talks About Lycopene

Genevieve Mlotkowski Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist talks about her experience in advising people to increase their Lycopene content of their blood.

As a naturopath I have been treating people with high cholesterol via lowering their triglycerides and low density lipoprotein (LDL) for many years. As almost all fats in our diet are triglycerides and if you tend to consume more kilojoules than what you burn off through an active lifestyle, your triglyceride levels in your blood may be raised. Health conditions such as heart disease are often linked to this.

Raised levels of LDL will allow a build-up of fat that sticks to your arteries. I’m sure you can remember those television advertisements showing how when the blood flow is restricted in your arteries it can be the cause of your heart attack or stroke.

There are some people who appear to be resistant to natural cholesterol treatments and in these cases I often find these people have the Lipoprotein(a) risk factor for vascular disease.

Lycopene as a suplement, is a simple daily taken capsule which contains a patented form of the lycopene they call LactoLycopene. Lycopene is known to block LDL cholesterol reducing that build-up of fat that can clog your arteries.

While lycopene is found in tomatoes, it is poorly ingested when consumed in its natural form. By combining it with a whey protein the makers of Ateronon had developed away to increase the absorption properties.

In the past traditional natural therapies didn’t help to lower cholesterol levels, but with Ateronon in combination with liver work and specifically treating the Lipoprotein(a) I have found chronically high cholesterol levels have been reduced to healthy levels within a three month period.

I have recommended a Lycopene supplement for patients who have had ulcers for a number of years and with the better blood flow in their arteries, this has helped their ulcers to heal.

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a protein produced by cells in a man’s prostate gland. While it is present in the plasma of men with healthy prostates in small quantities, high levels of PSA are found in those men with prostate cancer. Ateronon can help in lowering the PSA levels.

Before you start using Ateronon you should consult your naturopath to see if this is the best solution for any pre-existing ailments or conditions.

Genevieve Mlotkowski
Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

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